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Wing IT


WING IT is a not for profit partner of the Tulsa Audubon Society, comprised solely of volunteers who pay for all expenses related to the care and rehabilitation of the animals out of their own pockets. Any amount that you would feel comfortable in donating will be greatly appreciated, and is tax deductable! The monetary donations will go to help provide food, bedding/nesting materials, gasoline for the many trips to pick up animals in need of care, cages, syringes, and so many other consumables that it takes to get these precious creatures back to the wild.

WING IT and Tulsa Audubon Society thank you for your support!

If you would rather donate items, below is a list of consumables and other items that we could currently use:

Due to storage constraints/expiration dates, GIFT CARDS to the following are BEST:

   WildBirds Unlimited
   Southern Agriculture
   Lowes or Home Depot
   Walmart or Target
   Grocery and Health food stores
   White River Fish Market
   Jack's Bait Shop
   Main gasoline stations (QuikTrip, Fiesta Mart, etc.)
   Rainbow Mealworm  website
   GrubCo   website
   Chris's Squirrels and More   website
   Mazuri Song bird diet   website
   Fox Valley Animal Nutrition   website

Here are a few other items that we would buy with gift cards:

   EVO dry cat and kitten food - turkey and chicken flavor
   Science Diet Adult Cat Food (Sensitive Stomach)
   Kaytee Exact baby bird food
   Purina Plus dry adult dog food - chicken and rice flavor
   *Live food = Meal worms* Superworms* Crickets* Waxworms* *Mice *Rats
      (*Please contact the rehabber directly before purchasing live food)
   Reptile heater bulbs (heat but no light) and silver clamp-on lamps
   Postal scale (must show grams)
   Paper towels
   Trash bags
   Dawn detergent
   Lemon scented bleach
   Human baby food - chicken and unsweetened applesauce flavors
   Clean rags and towels
   Flannel baby blankets or flannel material
   Bird seed - Safflower, Sunflower (Black-oiled preferred), Millet, Black Thistle
   Dried organic currents
   Unsalted peanuts, pecans, walnuts, acorns
   Dandelion greens
   Indoor/outdoor turf carpet
   Volunteers to sew squirrel and bunny bags (to simulate a warm nest)